What Nokia’s Move to WP 7 Means for US Traffic Data

Nokia/Navteqs traffic service in the US is woefully behind its European service because they use Nokia phones as gps probes and Nokia just doesn’t sell well in the US.

That changed today with Nokia’s move to Windows Phone 7. WP 7 will start using OVI maps or a merged version of OVI and Bing on all its WP 7 sets no matter who the manufacturer is and Nokia will benefit from association with Microsoft by better relationships with US carriers. They should have subsidies from  all 4 carriers though whether they roll out cdma versions right away is debatable.

The bottom line for the Navteq traffic service is many more probes out there in rush hours. Lets say 6 million WP 7 sets are sold each year. That means 14 million traffic probes given a 2 year life span for the phone.

I’m betting Navteq has 1 million commercial gps probes now and they just picked up 9 million Trapster probes so in a couple of years they’ll have more than enough probes to provide accurate traffic data on all but the smallest roads.

Interleaving Nokia and Microsoft Mapping Services

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